Official Labs (instructions + files)

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These are the official labs (created by the author) for the textbook Fundamentals of Web Development, Third Edition, published by Pearson in 2021. At present, there are completed labs for chapters 3-16. More labs will be available as separate products once they are ready.

Roughly every year, I have pushed out new versions of the labs (vers 1=Sept 2021; v2=Feb 2022; v3=Mar 2023) . Generally, these have been small changes to fix bugs or address changes in the language or framework (esp. React and Node/Express). I do plan to make some larger changes to the labs (e.g., I have added a TypeScript lab) in the first few months of 2024 (vers 4).

This product is NOT for the textbook but for its labs. If you are interested in the textbook, visit the official Pearson page for the book.

What You Get

You'll be provided with the following two zip files. 

  • A zip file containing the PDF instructions for the labs. Each lab is a separate PDF file. Some sample pages can be seen above.  
  • A zip file containing the starting files for each lab. These contain the HTML, CSS, images, database scripts, etc needed for starting the lab. Each lab is contained in its own folder within the zip.


The instructions for each lab is a PDF file, and has the following features.

  • Each lab is linked to a specific chapter (e.g., Lab 3 is for Chapter 3).
  • Generally between 20-30 pages in length.
  • Linked to the margin callouts in the textbook.
  • Provides multiple step-by-step exercises and instructions for hands-on learning of material in the textbook.
  • A result of extensive (over 20 years) use in the classroom.
  • Uses color to indicate learner's actions (e.g., type in editor, download, etc).
  • Many steps have discussion points describing what step does or why it is necessary.
  • Includes Test Your Knowledge sections that allow learner to practically use knowledge covered in step-by-step exercises.

Textbook Link

For more information about the Fundamentals of Web Development textbook (and how to purchase it), click here.

Labs Included (as of Version 4.0)

  • Lab 3 - HTML 1: Introduction (16 pages with 11 exercises)
  • Lab 4 - CSS 1: Selectors + Basic Styling (27 pages with 17 exercises)
  • Lab 5 - HTML 2: Tables and Forms (22 pages with 15 exercises)
  • Lab 6 - Web Media (14 pages with 9 exercises)
  • Lab 7 - CSS 2: Layout (31 pages with 27 exercises)
  • Lab 8 - JavaScript 1: Language Foundations (34 pages with 20 exercises)
  • Lab 9 - JavaScript 2: DOM + Events(24 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 10 - JavaScript 3: APIs (40 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 11a - Beginning React (34 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 11b - Intermediate React (27 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 11c - Extending React (19 pages with 9 exercises)
  • Lab 12a - PHP 1: Introduction (16 pages with 8 exercises)
  • Lab 12b - PHP 2: Arrays + Superglobals (17 pages with 13 exercises)
  • Lab 13a - Beginning Node (30 pages with 16 exercises)
  • Lab 13b - Intermediate Node (7 pages with 3 exercises)
  • Lab 13c - Introducing TypeScript (19 pages with 9 exercises)
  • Lab 14a - Working with Databases - PHP (26 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 14b - Working with SQL Databases - Node (17 pages with 9 exercises)
  • Lab 14c - Working with noSQL Databases - Node (21 pages with 14 exercises)
  • Lab 15 - State Management (11 pages with 6 exercises)
  • Lab 16a - Security: Development (19 pages with 11 exercises)
  • Lab Extra 1 - Hosting (10 pages with 8 exercises)


If you are an instructor and would like the finished version of the labs, just email me. Also, the expectation is that each student in your class will purchase a copy. Purchasing one copy and then distributing it for free to your students is NOT OKAY!

Distributing to your classmates

Please don't copy/distribute the labs to your friends in your class. The money from the sales is used to hire a student to revise and update the labs. I have made the price as inexpensive (the cost of two beers or two lattes) as possible, and indeed gumroad itself is currently making more on these labs than I am. So please, don't take money out of a fellow student's pockets by distributing these labs!


The web and its tools change quite frequently. While I try my best to keep the labs up-to-date, it's not always possible to do so as frequently as things change. For instance, my React labs have required changes every ten months! My full-time job is being a professor at a university, so I can't be aware of everything that changes at all times. If you find any errors, do let me know at

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You'll be provided with two zip files.

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Typical Lab Length
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Official Labs (instructions + files)

7 ratings
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